HTH Glostrup

Naja Suikkanen

A Nordic Romance

I welcome you to join my Nordic romance, a kitchen design by Naja Suikkanen.

A house by the edge of Tågeskov forest. Bringing nature inside by using oak elements in the famous Danish design.

The oak bars create a beautiful and remarkable continuity across all the fronts. Function and design plays together in harmony with easy to use grips.

The simple decor with no top cabinets or other distractions allow the surfaces and the amazing view to be the focus. The tabletop is continued down the sides of the cabinets to frame the oak bars. The cold marble as tabletop is a perfect complement to the warm oak, both being nature elements.

The classic carved fronts on the integrated cabinets, matches the romantic windows and creates a contrast to the more modern oak bars. The tall cabinets are integrated into the wall making the kitchen a part of the house, rather than placed in the house.

It’s a new house to be built in 2019 with curved/arched ceiling, therefore a COMBOHOB is placed by the window, so I can enjoy the magnificent nature outside, while cooking.

The COMMAND WHEEL appliances, give the best user experience with an everyday luxury feeling.

The integrated appliances; freezer, refrigerators and dishwasher. Gives the kitchen a calmer look.

There are two refrigerators: one for food and one for drinks. This way, your Water doesn’t taste of what you had for dinner last night. Also, to have extra Space, when you host dinner parties.

The ovens being beside each other instead on top of each other and the dishwasher with the lift function results in a kitchen with appliances in the most optimal working height.

A nice warm cup of coffee, is always available in the cold winter months. Together with the multi oven with microwave, the coffee/espresso maker is built in the wall.

I am looking forward to seeing it come to life, and not just being my future dream kitchen.

Best regards
Naja Suikkanen
HTH Glostrup

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