Naja Suikkanen

A part of nature

A house by the edge of Tågeskov forest.
Bringing nature inside by using oak elements. As a contrast to the warm oak, I have chosen some Black elements with the bookcase, tabletop and the plinth.
In real life the ceiling is curved/arched, therefore I have chosen AEGs new COMBOHOB.
The COMBOHOB is placed so I can enjoy the magnificent nature outside, while cooking.
I have chosen appliances with COMMAND WHEEL, for the best user experience and everyday luxury feeling.
I have chosen integrated appliances; freezer, refrigerators and dishwasher. This way, the appearance of the kitchen becomes calmer to look at.
There are two refrigerators: one for food and one for drinks. This way, your Water doesn’t taste of what you had for dinner last night. Also, to have extra Space, when you host dinner parties.
The Multi oven with microwave and the coffee/espresso maker is built in the wall.
There is no seating by the island, because the dinner table is right next to it. Therefore, the cabinet space is the highest priority.
We are building the house from new. And it should be move in ready 1. Oct 2019.
So I am looking forward to seeing it in real life, when it is no longer just a fantasy.

Best regards and a Happy New Year
Naja Suikkanen
HTH Glostrup

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