Becky-Anne Williams


The Underwood family live on Dartmoor amongst rolling green hills and overlook Roadford lake.
They are a very unique couple who love to mix textures and want all your senses to be used in every part of their home.
When they bought this old barn conversion it was last fitted out in early 1990’s and they saw opportunity.
The design for the kitchen need to ensure every angle had something of interest, it had to be functional and give them tools to make bread and cook fish from their trips on the lake and to bring the outside in.
I chose the AEG command wheel styling as it feels good to touch.
I chose the AEG Steam Boost oven to lock in those flavours and freshness from their fresh fish.
I chose the AEG Multi function Pyro oven to make cleaning an effortless task.
I chose the AEG Coffee machine so the smell of freshly ground beans can fill the home.
I chose the AEG Pure Hob for speed and clarity and safety.
I chose the AEG angled hood for efficiency and styling.
I chose the AEG Freestanding range of Cooling as I needed to break up the dark graphite units and with the anti fingerprint and quick cooling, is soft to touch and kind to her freshly grown food.
The pops of green in the splashbacks give the eye a calm colour that makes them smile.
The OAK island matches the Beams and gives the room a modern and traditional feel all at the same time.
They sit together eating their lovely food at the island, watching the TV and enjoying the views outside the windows.
After a day fishing and in their garden harvesting fresh foods, their new kitchen allows them to enjoy ALL that nature brings.

Becky-Anne Williams favourite AEG product is the Induction Hobs

The slim and sleek design of AEG induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise.

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