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This design flows with the client’s desire for open plan living, the importance of practicality has remained a key importance of this layout, with key features including large accessible drawers, extra wide multipurpose pantry cabinets, with internal worktops. I have strategically placed working zones, not only to maximize the kitchens performance, but to simultaneously knit it with the space in which it sits.
Practicality, however, does not mean boring, a strong and individual aesthetic has been created by statically mixing texture, colours and frontal designs which ultimately provide our client with a truly personal piece of design. Key attributes include purpose built back lit illuminated stud frames to encompass and highlight the tall cabinetry.
I have overcome worktop material size restrictions, for example, by creating a natural solid timber chopping board (bridging the sink and cooking areas) along with a warm and tactile breakfast bar, which hugs the island.
The whole concept is brought together with a number of AEG’s latest appliances, include a plethora of cooking produces and highly specified refrigeration.
This is a conceptual proposal for a current client of ours.

Steve Drewitts favourite AEG product is the ComfortLift® Dishwasher

The award-winning ComfortLift® dishwasher is the first of its kind in the world to gently slide the lower basket up for easy, ergonomic loading and unloading.

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