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Richard Johns

Beyond Jacqui’s wildest dreams

Jacqui came to me disappointed that she was left uninspired by ‘designs’ she had been given by other companies. The brief was simple: create a bright and airy kitchen that fits with their artsy and outgoing lifestyle – whatever it takes.
We took this rather literally, and suggested taking down a dividing wall between the kitchen and an un-used ‘spare’ dining room. The existing kitchen was extremely small for the size of the house, and didn’t support their lives or style in any way.
The kitchen has a wonderful cast iron oven built into the wall, which the client wanted to keep, so for me, it was imperative that the new kitchen embraced this, so our design takes from this to make new blend with old seamlessly.

The new kitchen was designed for entertaining, offering Jacqui the ability to wow her friends and family with her culinary expertise, making cooking the centrepiece of the new kitchen. the Combo hob on the island allows Jacqui to cook fresh food right next to where her guests will gather with a glass of wine, and the integrated extractor allows for unrestricted placement, whilst keeping the ceiling height free of bulky extractors, as well as maintaining maximum worktop space on the island – plus this allows Jacqui to have a chandelier installed above the island for a bit of added class!
Just a step behind the island is her ‘command centre’. 2 full sized ovens, one steam, and a combination microwave oven creates all the cooking capacity she could possibly need, with options for steam cooked, and oven cooked food being prepared all at the same time. An integrated coffee machine finishes off Jacqui’s ‘command centre’ for cheeky afternoons with friends chatting over a freshly brewed coffee at the integrated breakfast bar.

Jacqui needed lots of food storage space, and especially needed more refrigeration space to store her fresh produce that is lovingly grown in the garden by her husband. We built in an extra tall fridge into the bank of towers one side of the ovens, with a pull out larder the other. All her produce is now right where she needs it in her cooking and prep space.

The sink area is Jacqui’s husbands domain – They have a wonderful agreement: Jacqui prepares all of the food, and he cleans up after her! Everything he needs is all together along the window wall – out of Jacqui’s way! There’s an integrated dishwasher and built in recycling bins either side of the sink – all designed to keep the kitchen free of clutter, whilst keeping everything close to hand. We decided to give the poor chap a comfortlift dishwasher to save on his back after all of that gardening.

The design aesthetic of the kitchen has subtle nods to the cast iron ovenplace, such as the black handleless rail and plinths to pull in the black of the ovens cast iron surround. We have designed the kitchen to be a very contemporary addition to their Victorian house, but ensured that it fits perfectly.

We are yet to fit this kitchen for Jacqui, but she is so excited and cannot wait, as she describes the design as being ‘beyond her wildest dreams!’

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