Pavel Vasilev

contrast and complement

The apartment building is located in the northern part of Belgium, in a very green area near Antwerp. It has high ceilings and large windows, opening the inside of the living space to the surrounding gardens and letting lots of sunshine in.
The interior design was aimed for a modern, chic style in black and white. The warm light of the hidden lights complements the dark wood and the light stone colour.
The kitchen was designed to incorporate and unify the two doorways leading to the pantry and to the bedrooms, by also letting the natural light further into the apartment. The approach in the design of the kitchen was to make a niche inside a niche, while using built-in oven, microwave and refrigerator, and adding some extra countertop space.
By not adding a hanging hood above the kitchen island and instead – using the AEG induction combo hob and hood – allowed for a feeling of openness and spaciousness in the living area.

Pavel Vasilevs favourite AEG product is the Induction Hobs

The slim and sleek design of AEG induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise.

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