DOPITA studio, s.r.o.

Tomáš Dopita

Garden View

Reconstructed attic medium-sized apartment with a beautiful view of the gardens. For a family of four, we have created a kitchen that is very simple, yet successful. Again, we used decorative elements inserted directly into the door and in the same design as the worktop. The kitchen has no high or upper cabinets, only the lower part under the window.

Nevertheless, the storage space offers maximum – thanks to the deeper cabinets we used extra long drawers with a length of 65 cm (50 cm standard). This eliminated the lack of space caused by the absence of upper cabinets.At the same time we got an enormous working area, which we would normally get for about 2x such a large kitchen.

Tomáš Dopitas favourite AEG product is the Induction Hobs

The slim and sleek design of AEG induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise.

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