Asymmetric Ltd.

Dinko Mitev


As one of the most important places at home, kitchen shall be especially carefully designed.

The project represents a vacation house by the Aegean Sea in minimalistic style in soft and subtle colours and the woody elements in the interior make the house even cozier.

The house is created for people who love having fun with friends while enjoying delicious and healthy food. People who prefer spending more time in the kitchen usually have high requirements to its facilities. The two fridges may store food products for a week, which thanks to the ovens and induction hob can easily turn into delicious meals. The built-in dishwasher speeds up cleaning and putting kitchen in order after creative cooking. If leftovers remain, they may be vacuumed in the vacuum sealer and later be warmed up in the warming drawer for consumption.

The AEG appliances fit properly and functionally in the kitchen, considering the otherwise lean kitchen design.

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