Center Kitchen Studio

Arpad Csikos

Home Restaurant in Millennium Pink

Cabinet front: Millenium Pink with satin silk glow
Panels: Oak with golden-brown finish
Countertop: 12 mm thick marble and 60 mm thick oak attachment
A family of five lives in the spacious and ecologically modern house. A key factor in the
design of the cabinet was that the family regularly cooks and has meals at home. Secondly,
an important expectation was to design a kitchen in which meals can be prepared in a
healthy manner. Therefore, on the equipped side of the kitchen there is not only an oven,
but also a combined steamer and vacuum sealing drawer for sous vide cooking.
The built-in coffee machine was an obvious need, as the client cares about sustainability and
did not want to have a capsule coffee machine.
The family often organizes get-togethers for friends. Moreover, their kitchen functions as a
home restaurant twice a month, which is why it is equipped with a built-in wine cooler, a
wide induction cooktop, a combined refrigerator with freezer and selective waste bins. The
drawers of the kitchen island also feature a built-in slicer, toaster, a kitchen scale and a
As a designer, it was important for me to match the cabinet front’s colour of Millenium Pink
with satin silk glow with the atmosphere of the loft home, to draw attention to the natural
wood, marble, copper and alloy steel surfaces and to harmonise with the presence of the
visible appliances.
Apart from aesthetic considerations, the efficient energy use of the built-in appliances and
their innovative placement played a major role in the project, and for these reasons, I
included a ComfortLift dishwasher in the kitchen space.

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