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Oksana Harutyunyan

Kitchen “Compact”

We would like to present you the project of kitchen “Compact”.
It is created for young and dynamic people whose requirements are as follows: the kitchen to be an integral part of the house/apartment with elegant notes from „the luxury style” of the living room, a place which inspires with its functionality and esthetic beyond the higher expectations.
Without any doubt the perfect choice for kitchen appliances are from the series „Compact” AEG.
We will start with the oven ”STEAMBOOST BUILT-IN COMPACTSTEAM OVEN”, which with its temperature sensor will help you to prepare the juiciest lamb chop and even the finest salmon fillet.
The microwave with its grill “SOLO MICROWAVE & GRILL BUILT-IN COMPACT OVEN” feature will satisfy every taste while dishing up baked golden and crisped crust of the lasagna with the speed and the effectiveness of the microwave oven.
And what a gourmet experience it would be without a glass of chilled wine form the „BUILT-IN WINE CELLAR 18 BOTTLES”.
The whole culinary art presentation is prepared in front of you on the “INDUCTION FULL COMBOHOB” hob and hood.
And at the end a fine desert and a cup of aroma coffee!

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