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Vilia Evstatieva

Less is more

The submitted design proposal is a part of a design concept, presented to a real client is Sweden.
Client is a young family couple with two children, who have recently moved out of the big city to the outer parts of a smaller town. With 2 small children their most important requirement was rational use of space, as well as the notion of airiness. They wanted to be able to spend more time together, without a physical separation of space, which defined the necessity of the kitchen to be openly integrated into the living space. The proposed concept aims for minimalistic, clear, but yet functional and strong design. It treats the space homogeneously, as the kitchen is the bounding element of the 3 different areas – living, dining and cooking.
The idea behind this kitchen was to create puristic forms, using strong volumes and simple textures. Kitchen is often number one communication element. Here the family members gather, eat, talk, discuss, celebrate and not at last – they cook. That’s why it was very important to create a functional route, organizing everyday food preparation process. Appliances’ design and their functionality contribute to the modern and sleek design feeling, making the entire usage of the kitchen a pleasant experience. Main activates are concentrated towards the periphery, leaving the center open to position the kitchen island – a place for a short and quick breakfast in the morning or additional space for cooking preparation. The island faces the view outside to the green garden, thus allowing the family members to enjoy the outdoor scenery.
The chosen color palette is monochromatic. Prevailing is the white clean surface, which brings the sense of clarity and elegance. Light is reflected from surfaces, creating notion for bright and airy space. Dark, smoked wooden veneered surfaces and natural stone at the backsplash are used to create contrast. Sleek cabinets’ design stand out in front of the rough cut stone structure. At the same time the cut stone represents the ruggedness of hewn wood, thus referencing the material of the tall cabinets. All is based on the idea of game of lights and shadows, fine and rough textures.
The island and the cabinets along the short wall of the room are designed to be made out of dekton -an ultracompact surface that consists of a blend of raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces. This last generation material is very sustainable and long lasting, as it has high UV-resistance, scratch and stain resistance, high mechanical resistance, as well as resistance to fire and heat and abrasion. This guarantee high quality and long life of the kitchen cabinets. It also allows all kitchen details to be carefully tailored, to the smallest detail. Thus, even small elements like hidden kick-toe of the cabinets and cut out handles are all present to contribute to the entire minimalistic feeling of the kitchen.

Less is more. Cool and elegant. Bright and dark.

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