This huge space was originally intended to be a living room in this self-build project in rural Somerset but changed to become a large family kitchen dining and living space. Usually with a space of these proportions an island would be the preferred option but from early in the discussions it was a decided that a large curved breakfast bar would be a better option. This allows for masses of workspace and deliberately creates a barrier comfortably keeping guests and family out of the cooking area while cooking. It also serves as a room divider in the large space. The plastered ceiling bulkhead element above the peninsula exactly mirrors the shape and is the same thickness as the worktop. Allowing for the depth of the ceiling extractor and subtly adding to the partition effect.
The vast curved veneered bespoke back panel for the peninsula was a challenge but has worked perfectly as a feature. The doors and units sweep around into the sink run and then into the tall units with curved pilasters completing the curved look. Corian was the obvious choice for the worktop for this project, with the ability to have near invisible joins over the curving, shaped work surface.
Speaking to the family about how they have been using the kitchen since installation illuminated that ergonomically this space works perfectly for them. Several people can work comfortably without getting in each other’s way and each section of the kitchen has a function. The hob area is surrounded by drawers for storage and ease of use. The curved worktop means there are no awkward corners to work in and the space flows from corner to corner.
A whole wall of tall units could be accommodated with full height fridge and freezer, double oak veneered larder cupboard, full oven and steam oven, combination microwave and the integrated coffee machine. The small bookcase at the end of the run is intended to soften the view of tall units.
A separate boiling, chilled and sparkling tap was specified to service all the different members of the family.
The colour scheme was an evolving process for this project but from the early visuals it was evident that the tall run in a lighter colour blending in with the wall took away its domination of the space. Having a contrasting colour for the interestingly shaped peninsula and sink run is intended to draw the eye to these elements. Wood grain veneer in the anthracite stained veneer sections is complimented by the painted wood grain of the cashmere sections. Bronze matte glass was designed for the wall cupboards and the splash-back to subtly work with the wall colour and create visual impact for the wall units.
The lighting design for the project was considered carefully with under worktop lighting positioned under the worktop edge for the breakfast bar, under the wall cupboards and in all the open units in conjunction with the ceiling lighting allowing for different moods to be achieved for different activities in the space.

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