Remy Blom

Project Den Haag

This Kitchen is like a lovely furnuture piece. The customer ask me to hide the equipment to created that furnuture look. She works on the work island where the two ovens end freezer are hidden. Cant find the fridge? The fridge is being build in the wall and we painted the door in the same color as the walls. Hot water with the AEG tab and cooking on the induction. Nice detail is the wooden opening at the back of the iland that also appears in the upper cupboards.

1 AGS68800S1 AEG Integreerbare vrieskast
1 SKZ81800C0 AEG Integreerbare koelkast wit
1 HKM85510FB AEG Inductie kookplaat zwart
1 KP8404001M AEG Heteluchtoven roestvrijstaal
1 KM8403101M AEG Multifunctionele oven met magnetron roestvrijstaal
1 AEG 3 in 1 kraan. 4 liter boiler

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