Remy Blom

Project Nieuwkoop

The children don’t come that often in to the kitchen. They only need to find the fridge asap, so we placed that one on the right of the high cabins. The freezer is on the left. Both are 178cm high.

When cooking, a cook has everything needed in a one or two step range. All ingredients are easily taken out of the fridge behind here on the worktop.
All the equipment needed to work with can be taken out of the big draws and start cooking on the induction with integrated hood. For the use of the oven the cook only needs to turn around.

Wine is easily accessed from the wine cooler at the left of the bar to serve the table for the dinner that’s almost being served. When the cook is ready with the cooking it can be served with the plates placed on the bar and the serving easily being able to grab them and put the plates on the table. To keep the kitchen clean the pans and spoons for cooking are easily placed in the sink one step at the right of here and after washing them they can open the dishwasher at here right by pulling down the dishwasher door.

The end result: a dinner with love served for the whole family and a clean kitchen in a sec. The materials we used in this kitchen all comes together perfectly. The walls are finished with beton ciré.
The worktop is ceramic in a dark grey concrete look, ready for the future. And of course with young children a melamine wood door and bar top with the appearance of real wood. Nice detail is the worktop that goes around the bar and the bar that is higher than the worktop.

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