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Silvia Boyadjieva & S.Kirov

Release the nature

Nature, style and design. These three themes inspired us to create project “Release the nature”. More and more of us are striving for a healthy and meanunigful lifestyle that is nature – friendly. For that reason in our project we decided not only to use natural materials such as stone and wood, an ecological way of heating through BIO fireplace (or decorative electric fireplace), but we literally let nature came into our home. Polar moss not only adds to the style and uniqueness of the kitchen, it also naturally extracts air and has an antistatic effect. It is fully biodegradable, does not attract insects and is not environment that develops mold, making it a natural substitute for houseplants.

The design accents elegantly convey all the ideas of the project. Materials such as brass and stainless stell, paintings and concealed lighting all adds up to the exquisite interior style. And since we love everything in our everyday lives to be tidy and hidden we have built electrical sockets, and covered the sink to make it look like one piece of stone.

In project “Release the nature” we tried to not only to get as close as possible to nature, but also to create optimal comfort and a sense of ease when preparing food. AEG appliances add the sense of passion to the preparation of your favourite dishes with its genuine style and functionality. They contribute to the comfort and lightness of our daily lives from morning coffee through children’s favourite threats to family dinners.

For that project we chose Steam Pro oven with Humidity Sansor, and induction combohob with with extractor in it IDK84451IB. For the build in fridge we chose SCE81826TS perfectly work with intelligent No Frost system. For the good wake up and brilliant coffe, we have cofemaker KKK884500M, in perfectly combination with warming drawer KDK911424. And last everything have to be clean, that why we chose Comfort Lift integrated dishwasher FSS62800P with AirDry tehnology for easy loading end drying.

Silvia Boyadjieva & S.Kirovs favourite AEG product is the SteamPro Combination Oven

Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind, we created the SteamPro oven. It automatically calculates the exact amount of heat and steam, so whether you’re roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature, food will remain golden and crisp on the outside and juicy and succulent.

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