The brief for the space was to create a family space with masses of storage in the newly renovated kitchen Reiner space. To change a rundown cream shaker u-shaped kitchen into an open plan kitchen dining living space.
the client is an architect and we spent the initial meetings looking at all the possible shapes of design that we could fit into the space. With the addition of the French doors and the increasing of the size of the window it was important to try and orientate the hob and sink position to take in the spectacular countryside views. By using an island, the hob could be positioned in the centre and of the room, looking at the view, being able to see the play/living room and the conservatory. The island size was constrained by the size room but by designing the walkways first eve with a large island in the space it doesn’t feel cramp or overwhelmed by it. Storage was another key element to be incorporated, with toddlers teenagers and adults in the house. Using a tall bank of units, a tall fridge and freezer, two oven housings and two tall larder cupboards were added to the space. One of these larder cupboards also hides the support column that protruded 500mm into the room. By building all this tall section in and making it float without plinths it makes this bank of units less imposing and dominant in the room.
Keeping the space clean was essential so Matt lacquered doors were chosen with matte composite stone worktops.
The positioning of the island allows for several people to use the kitchen at once, with everything close to hand. Every effort was made to ensure that all elements that could be required for each cookery task were catered for.
With classic pieces of furniture and art to be used in the space, the aesthetics had to be subtle to allow the space to work. With a grey palette to compliment the team and walnut. Green glass for the splash back was intended to draw in the green from the countryside directly outside the window and the French doors.
The addition of a downdraft extractor hob allowed for pendant lights to flow down through the room from over the dinning space without the requirement for a ceiling or suspended extractor. With small children in the house and with a hectic schedule the instant boiling tap is the most popular gadget. Removing the danger of a kettle and speeding up any task that involves boiling and cleaning.
The steam oven has also been a popular addition to the kitchen, removing all the boiling, steaming and reheating from the hob, which helps with keeping the space clean and free of clutter and reduces the amount of steam in the room.

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