Tochka Studio

Mariela Pavlova, Stefan Kichev, Georgi Randelov

Sharpen your senses

With our project we wanted to create a contemporary space that is harmonious and trending, but there is so much behind it…
Our main goal was to involve all 5 senses-taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight, but also to achieve a higher level of involvement in the space. We designed different experiences, because we wanted to expand the idea of a functional space and add more to the picture.
The design is linear, made of flat surfaces and geometric volumes. The different functional spaces are not only interconnected with each other, but they are also open and correspond with the outer environment. We made a space that is in harmony between style, architecture and material.
We created a space that is made to inspire. And that inspiration is overpowered by creation. The creation of food.
Our setup is a green forest that almost enters in the living area thanks to the big panorama windows. The whole kitchen is open to that view- a view that you can see, hear and even touch and smell when outside. An environment that is powerful, inspiring and sometimes even overwhelming. In the kitchen there is a space for fresh herbs, which, let’s face it-take the cooking to another level, but with their aroma and looks they are a way to provoke an urge for creating. In this project we also incorporated a smart sound system that can be controlled easy via tablet or a phone. That idea gives the people the opportunity to integrate music in all that they do and to motivate them, to set the right mood or just to have fun in the kitchen. And as another boost to the senses we designed an outdoor space with a fire pit. It can be referred as another observation spot or we can think of it as a friend to the kitchen-a little barbecue area, where you can smell the smoke and feel the warmth in a different way.
The layout of the kitchen is minimalistic and open for socialization. In a single tall unit, made of dark glossy doors are situated the main appliances-oven, microwave, coffee machine, vacuum and heating drawers and built in fridge. There are also oak shelves and drawers with inner led lighting system. The work island is put perpendicular to that unit and it is accessible from each side. It is the center of the kitchen and provides additional storage space. The top is made of corian with white base terrazzo finish. We used corian as it is a sustainable and a durable material. The terrazzo finish we chose because it is a classic and yet a modern finish, with a lot of dynamic in it. On the island top, facing the outer view is the sink and an Induction ComboHob, that gives us the freedom not to put a conventional hanging hood and to achieve undisturbed panorama view. The island unit ends with a snack top and few minimalistic bar stools. That snack top is the place where an observant can experience the cooking from the closest look, as if he/she is in a very exquisite restaurant. There is very delicate lighting system that levitates over the island unit and provides all the lighting that is needed.
This design celebrates the philosophy of AEG brand by combining form and function. It is a place that is cozy, yet versatile; open both to itself and to the nature; place you can be “the pajama person” or “the ultimate chef”; a place where you can be everything you want.

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