Mp Moran & Sons LTD

Daniel Austin

Sheraton Oblique Painted

Big Open planned Kitchen Diner, Plenty of light source coming in from the floor to ceiling windows, and skylights in the ceiling itself, which allows for this rich Indigo & Oxford Blue cross, with Brushed Copper handles.
Starting with the full height fridge and full height freezer on the back wall right next to the black line single oven, combination oven & warming drawer, which are directly behind the Island where the main cooking takes place.
Easy access for gathering the produce, meal prep, cook, then over to the sink for the cleaning.
Evenings and entertainment, the ideal place is at the back end of the Island where the sleek black wine cooler, right next to the feature pantry units for the good stuff.
On a side note, never let a floor to ceiling pilaster get in the way!
Client will have his dream kitchen by Christmas, which will turn this design into reality!

Daniel Austins favourite AEG product is the AEG CustomFlex® refrigerator

Keeping all your fresh ingredients on hand is key to creating fresh and delicious dishes. Now the AEG CustomFlex® refrigerator lets you organise your fridge storage just the way you want – enabling you to move and rearrange bins quickly and easily to maximise storage space and minimise waste

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