Adam Welsher


My customer wanted a technological kitchen with a simplistic but bold style. As they wanted a brilliant white Minerva worktop to enhance the depth of the midnight blue doors, they loved the idea of the flat smooth style of the AEG coffee machine and double oven had to offer with the contrast between the white worktop and the black front of the appliances. As he loves his technology having a flush touch screen system was exactly what he was after as well as the function which both AEG products have to offer. As he wanted a simplistic look the AEG 80cm Induction Hob in the island gave him the designer look he was after whilst also having the safety for there children who would sit on the other side. Thinking ahead to the future he wanted a dishwasher which would make life easier, the AEG comfit lift was perfect for this. This kitchen was made for entertainment and style, with the sound bar and coffee machine making a relaxing environment which invites friends and family.

Adam Welshers favourite AEG product is the Induction Hobs

The slim and sleek design of AEG induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise.

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