Rachael Dunbar

Stone Art

My customer wanted a high-end German kitchen with AEG appliances.

The Stone Art door is a textured front that is easy to keep clean and isn’t easily marked. The design was based around this door as the front is very tactile and has a great textured finish. The wood grain was added to give a warming feel to the space along with a blush pink colour. Without the contrast in materials and colours the space would feel very flat and dark. So, I feel with the colours chosen we have created a modern/industrial welcoming area.

Appliances were an extremely important part of this kitchen so the appliances were chosen to make everyday chores less taxing. Whilst dishwashers are an everyday part of modern living, it can be a task emptying and with a multi generational family from young through to the older generation, the Comfort Lift Dishwasher was a no brainer. We planned a 1200mm drawer unit next to the dishwasher, this is where we planned the majority of everyday crockery to be stored, this allows the family to empty the dishwasher efficiently into the drawer taking half the time. The removable cutlery tray can be carried to the cutlery insert under the hob. The light beam on the floor is a great idea due to the low level of noise of this DW it can be hard to tell if he cycle has finished. The dishwasher is energy efficient so the costs of running a cycle versus filling a basin of water gives the client peace of mind.

The move from gas to induction was easy as she felt it was safer with her younger children around and the price of a new pan set has decreased with the popularity of induction. The induction hob with the Hob to Hood feature was chosen to avoid using the remote in case hands were covered in food. A ceiling hood was chosen due to the floor being concrete and not wanting to recirculate into the room. It also provides extra lighting above the hob and prep area. A bin system was place to the left-hand side of the island as this is a great area for preparation due to the natural light, this makes it easier for customer to slide things into the bin as opposed to walking around the kitchen.

The range of ovens with the Command Wheel was chosen as I personally find it harder using touch with having poorer circulation. I also prefer the look of the command wheel. Cooking meat can be a hard task with achieving it perfectly one week to drying it out the following so the Sense Cook was a must! We opted for one compact steam oven for fish and veg, it is also great for baking however customer is more of a cook than a baker. Telescopic rails were added both for ease of removing heavier dishes from the oven but also a great safety feature, this negates the impulse of putting dishes on the oven door. Both ovens are Pyrolytic which makes it so much easier to clean. We added in a built in Microwave oven. This shows the facia design to its maximum, the clean lines of the design along with removing the microwave from the worktop giving more space to prepare food.

A no frost full height freezer was required, this will prevent having to spend hours defrosting a freezer and risking food defrosting in the process. The Frostmatic feature will preserve the flavour, colour and texture of food. The larder fridge in the design was most fitting for items bought in a weekly shop. The Long Fresh feature allows the temperature with different humidity settings to be set in the two different drawers, which is perfect when trying to get the longest sell by date out of produce. Coolmatic Feature allows food to cool down quickly and effectively after door is opened.

The sink used is undermount with a disposable drainer. One customer is left-handed and the other is right meaning when veg is being prepped they work from different sides. The mobile drainer can clip onto the sink from any side and is stored under the sink in the base unit.
Due to the structure next to the ovens I designed an area of storage and lighting to keep everything flush whilst adding in something aesthetically pleasing. The unit at the end contains internal cleaning rails for cleaning products and space for a hoover after the cooking has been done the kitchen will need cleaned!

The customer has been more than happy with the finalised design and attention to detail.

Rachael Dunbars favourite AEG product is the ComfortLift® Dishwasher

The award-winning ComfortLift® dishwasher is the first of its kind in the world to gently slide the lower basket up for easy, ergonomic loading and unloading.

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