Poggenpohl Finland

Milla Lahdenpää

Summer house by the sea

This kitchen is in a villa by the sea!

The materials used are brushed Dark Oak and sleek matt white, with high gloss thick quartz countertops with calcatta pattern. The materials are natural and you just have to touch them to feel how beautiful they are!

The sounds and the smell of the sea comes inside from the big open doors and windows, and the view is so calming! Here you can cook and be part of the nature around you. Herbs and plants you can grow on the shelves and they also bring a bit of colour to this otherwise cool kitchen. Some of the appliances are hidden ( fridge, freezer, dishwasher ) but the ovens and the coffee maker in a straight row in the tall cabinets. They are easy to use and in an optimal hight. The combo hob is the best solution here, because you don´t want anything hanging and blocking your wiew!

Big island block has all the space for preparing your food! The”breakfast cabinet” is on the right side of the tall cabinets, and opening these doors allow you to use countertop also on the appliance wall. And here you can hide all the small appliances from the island countertops.

There is also a wine cooler hidden to the island; here you can chill your prosecco while preparing dinner. One picture is taken in the wintertime; this villa and kitchen will work also during the long winter! Big fireplace will make the winter night cosy; the sounds and the smell of the fire will make you crave sous-vide meat and red wine! This is my dream kitchen!

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