DOPITA studio, s.r.o.

Tomáš Dopita

Tineo rules!

A successful 30-year-old bought a small apartment in the center of Prague. He hasn’t planned his family yet. Opted for a minimalist style, the kitchen has more for representation than for large cooking. For this reason the storage capacity was not a priority and preffered to invest in exotic veneer of Tineo veneer. The delivery also included a built-in wardrobe in the hallway in the same design as the kitchen.

Tomáš Dopitas favourite AEG product is the SteamPro Combination Oven

Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind, we created the SteamPro oven. It automatically calculates the exact amount of heat and steam, so whether you’re roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature, food will remain golden and crisp on the outside and juicy and succulent.

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