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Danielle Barnard

U shape open living

My idea for this plan was to let the contrasting colours give a sense of luxury allowing the client to host amazing dinner parties, Whilst still feeling homely and being suitable for everyday living. I wanted the pops of fresh and dramatic colour to help give a playful and lifting feeling.

To get away from the traditional kitchen layout and let the open planned room transend into the kitchen space giving a feeling of openess for the user, not having to look at a wall whilst preparing and cooking. I also feel that this helps to zone the kitchen into the open planned space.

The textures and different surfaces are great for baking enthusiasts they can enjoy the cold surface of the granite for preparing their pastries.

Appliances used and reasoning:

CombiQuick – Compact Microwave KMK761000M – For when there are more guests than expected. Creating more room and ease for catering for higher numbers.

Black warming drawer KDE911424B – To give that homely feeling of a warm plate that everyone craves.

Island Hood DIK7190HG – Easy solution for island use with a modern look that completes the kitchen.

Flexibridge induction hob IKE84471FB – I feel flexi induction is the best for anyone into their cooking. Giving more space for larger pans and griddles to work anywhere on the surface.

Comfort Lift dishwasher FSK63807P – With airdry technology and extra large internal cavity finished off with the comfort lift feature this is the only choice of dishwasher.

Integrated tower fridge SKK8182VDC – Extra storage and touch control allows complete control over your food.

Integrated tower freezer ABK8182VNC – Extra storage and frost free, ease of use with no need for manual defrosting.

Sousvide SteamPro Oven BSE792320B – To allow the experience of restraunt food to come through. Giving the overall dining experience you could only dream of.

Integrated Coffee Machine KKE884500B – For the after dinner restraunt feel or just a quick easy coffee in the morning when your in a rush.

Vac Sealer KDK911423M – To allow and help with the use of the sous vide function on the single oven.

Please follow the below links to a panoramic view of my kitchen design:



Danielle Barnards favourite AEG product is the ComfortLift® Dishwasher

The award-winning ComfortLift® dishwasher is the first of its kind in the world to gently slide the lower basket up for easy, ergonomic loading and unloading.

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