Negova Management LTD

Lilia Negovanska

With a scent of vanilla and caramel

The kitchen is a place, where people gather together. It is the heart of the home. And as such it should give feelings of warmth and domesticity, whilst evoking the senses for gastronomic journey and experimentation.
This is achieved by the colours and textures used, on the one hand, and, on the other, by the organisation of the processes, related to food preparation. The quality and order of the appliances is exceptionally important for saving time in our busy daily routine. All of this and the easy cleaning of the kitchen utensils and appliances affects how people interact.
These considerations dictated the design proposal of the kitchen presented. It invites the users to enjoy the cooking process, where every meal is a new experience.

Lilia Negovanskas favourite AEG product is the Induction Hobs

The slim and sleek design of AEG induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise.

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