estudio Raíces

Lucía Izco

WWK (Whole White Kitchen)

This is a tiny-minimum kitchen. It has a net area of 4.78 square meters and a height of 3 meters.

The objective of the construction’s work was to transform it into a innovative, environment sensitive, functional, cosy and more expanded insight kitchen.

For the first and second objective (innovation and environment) the appliances selected include the last technologies whilst provide intuitive ease of use: HOB2 HOOD automatic connection between the stove and the extraction hood (A LED DGE5660HM model), Booster function and OptiHeat control (HKL65310FB stove, provided with a A9KL1 teppanyakki accesory), SteamBoost, Mastery Control and sounding line (A+ KSK88222OM oven) and a ProSense technology (that saves time, wáter and energy), Protex drum and inverter motor (A+++ -20% L6FBI821 model washing machine).

To accomplish the third objective (function) the different kitchen elements (cook, wash and storage/refrigerator areas) were set up with a perpendicular design. As a feng shue influence, the wash area (“water”) is settle between the cook area (“fire”) and the fridge/estorage (cool area/”earth”). This objective is completed with an elevated furniture that, overcoming the big window, increase the storage capacity of the kitchen and include and hide (for the fifth aim too) the smoke exhaust device.

Moreover, for the fourth objective (cosy) the kitchen was set up with a volumetric cladding with an hexagonal/honeycomb pattern. In order to a transparency, truthly industrial design all the appliances are shown (with the exception of the extraction Hood, which is hidden). Furthermore, artificial light play a balance between cool and warm light.

Finally, for the fifth objective (to expand insight) the kitchen was set up with a entirely white color: furniture, cladding, countertop and, also, the water tap. To increase this effect the solid surface countertop integrates the sink and a sloping drain surface, and get rid of all the visual junctions. Then, in this “Whole White Context” the view is conducted to the “black point” that generates the black glass stove and oven – with a stainless steel frame as a design detail-.

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