Cooking to the highest standards requires the use of all your senses; taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Each must be used to understand the dish that will be served and what is needed to control its outcome to perfection. Now we would like you to imagine a kitchen where these senses are sharpened and design the ultimate Kitchen!

Your challenge is to take a minimum of 4 AEG appliances – more if you wish – to enhance the consumer experience; how can your design skills ensure that the kitchen ‘Sharpens Your Senses’?

What materials would you use for greater sensory enjoyment? Is there a ‘pop’ or contrast of colour?

Are the appliances hidden, on show – what does the kitchen journey – from storage, preparation, cooking and serving look like?

How does your kitchen meet the AEG philosophy of Always being an Idea Ahead? For instance, is it a blend of innovation, form and function?