Competition rules

The Kitchen Masters Competition

2019 Rules

The Kitchen Masters is a competition arranged by AB Electrolux (publ) (“Electrolux”) with the aim of selecting the best kitchen design solutions offered by professional kitchen designers within the category “Built/installed kitchen” as more specifically described in the brief on the competition website (“Competition”).

The rules for the Competition (“Rules”) are set out below. Please read the Rules so that you, as a participant, feel confident when entering the Competition.

Please also see the Data privacy statement containing information on how Electrolux may process individuals’ personal data in connection with the Competition.

The Rules are published on the competition website The Rules are designed to ensure that the Competition can be conducted in a fair and equal way.

The participant accepts the Rules by submitting its contribution to the Competition. If You are acting on behalf of a legal entity, you represent that you are authorized to act on behalf of such legal entity and that your acceptance of the Rules creates a legally enforceable obligation of the legal entity. As used herein, participant refers to you and, where applicable, any legal entity on behalf of which you are acting.


  1. Allowed participants
    1. Participation in the Competition is open to professional kitchen
      designers based in the EU or EEA that have used AEG appliances in their
      entry who are:

      1. Legal entities: businesses in any company form whose share capital
        is held by one or more legal entities or natural persons who are all
        over 18 years old.
    2. If selected as a winner, the participant will be asked to verify its
      designer credentials.
  2. Awards & Acknowledgements
    1. Electrolux aims to select three winners (first, second and third place)
      for the Focus Area. The prizes are accounted for below and are together
      referred to as the “Award”.
    2. First prize consists of the following: The winner receives one AEG
      appliance included in the contribution which Electrolux will choose at
      its own discretion. The winner further receives a trip, booked by
      Electrolux, that will take place before 31 December 2020 to Madrid for
      two persons including a dinner at 2 Star Michelin Restaurant DSTAGe
      ( and two night’s accommodation
      at a hotel selected and booked by Electrolux. The winner also gets to
      participate in an AEG culinary academy workshop in participant’s country
      or cooking session with a local chef depending upon availability. The
      date for the AEG culinary academy workshop or cooking session will be
      decided later.
    3. Second prize consists of the following: The runner up keeps/receives one
      of the AEG appliances included in the contribution which Electrolux will
      choose at its own discretion. The runner up also gets to participate in
      an AEG culinary academy workshop in participant’s country or cooking
      session with a local chef depending upon availability. The date for the
      AEG culinary academy workshop or cooking session will be decided later.
    4. Third prize consists of the following: The participant receiving the
      third prize gets to participate in an AEG culinary academy workshop in
      participant’s country or cooking session with a local chef depending
      upon availability. The date for the AEG culinary academy workshop or
      cooking session will be decided later.
    5. Additional information about the Award, including any conditions
      connected to any of the prizes, such as, for example, conditions related
      to travel arrangements, can be found on the Website.
    6. There is no cash prize component of the Award. Each winner will be
      liable for payment of any taxes imposed on the winner due to the Award.
    7. Please note that even if a legal entity is selected as a winner, the
      Award can only be used by one natural person
    8. Electrolux reserves the right to amend, change or otherwise modify and
      part of the Award subject to availability and upon the sole discretion
      of Electrolux. For the avoidance of doubt, any amendments, changes or
      modifications of the Award shall correspond to the value of the original
      Award as set out in these Rules.
  3. The Jury
    1. The jury deciding the winner is selected by Electrolux and experts and
      industry leaders within the fields of design (the”Jury”). The Jury will
      decide in its sole discretion which participants will be appointed as
      winners taking into account the Evaluation Criteria set out in chapter 5
      below. The Jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. Neither the
      Jury, nor Electrolux have any obligation to explain why a participant is
      not appointed as winner.
  4. Registration
    1. The registration opens on 8 April 2019 and the deadline for submitting a
      contribution is 30 September 2019. Registration is free. Registration is
      made through the Website.
    2. Participants are allowed to submit more than one contribution to the
    3. When register, the participant will be asked to fill in an online
      application and provide the following information in addition to the
      participant’s contribution to the Competition:

      1. Company name;
      2. Company e-mail; and
      3. Company website.
    4. Participant needs to upload supporting documentation to give a better
      understanding of the participant’s contribution, especially images, but
      also any other documents that the participant deems as relevant, such as
      design sketches and explanatory notes.
    5. The information and documents submitted to the Competition shall not,
      and by agreeing to these Rules and submitting a contribution to the
      Competition the participant confirms that the information and documents
      submitted do not, contain any confidential information.
  5. Evaluation Criteria
    1. The Jury will not consider contributions that:
      1. are submitted by participants who do not fulfill the requirements of
        article 1.1;
      2. do not fulfill the requirements of chapter 4;
      3. do not contain a kitchen appliance marketed by Electrolux and
        bearing the trademark AEG;
      4. are accompanied by insufficient and/or inadequate documentation
        requirements of article 4.4 (total or partial lack, lack of clarity
        and/or non-legibility of the minimum essential material required to
        participate in the Competition); or
      5. have as their object an “out of scope” proposal (contributions not
        in line with the objective of the Competition).
    2. The Jury will evaluate the contributions according to creativity and
      design, especially the ability to help users to really sharpen their
      senses in the kitchen taking into account:

      1. if the contribution includes AEG appliances that allow the consumer
        to get the most out of their kitchen experience;
      2. if the contribution is a blend of innovation, form and function;
      3. if the contribution has been based on consumer insight;
      4. if the contribution is aesthetically pleasing; and
      5. having the heritage of AEG design values in mind, if the
        contribution is considering the environment and is meaningful and
        relevant, whilst providing intuitive ease of use.
  6. Warranty and indemnities
    1. Each participant declares and warrants that its contribution:
      1. jis an original work, of which the participant is the owner of any
        relating intellectual property rights and of which the participant
        has the unrestricted right to economic exploitation;
      2. does not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third
        party such as trademarks, design rights and/or copyright;
      3. does not violate any industrial and trade secrets of any third party
        or any other laws (including, without limitation, export control
      4. does not constitute the object of a contract with any third party;
      5. does not contain any defamatory content, representation, outrageous
        consideration or any other content that could damage the name, honor
        or reputation of Electrolux or any other person or company;
      6. does not contain any pornographic or sexual content, or content of a
        discriminatory nature in any way (specifically including
        discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion
        and/or political beliefs of individuals or groups), nor content that
        promotes violence or injury to any living thing or any other
        offensive, obscene or inappropriate content;
      7. does not contain any threat or content intended to intimidate,
        harass, or mistreat a private person’s private life; and
      8. does not constitute a violation of applicable laws and does not
        include content that encourages unlawful conduct.
    2. The participant further hereby warrants that the information in the
      CAD-files downloaded by the participant in order to produce and submit
      the contribution, will not be used in any other way whatsoever than
      producing and submitting its contribution to this Competition.
      Notwithstanding the above, the participant may also use the
      above-mentioned CAD-files for the sole purpose of designing kitchens for
    3. The participant also hereby warrants that all information, data and,
      more generally, any other material submitted to the Competition are
      accurate, correct, truthful and complete. The participants therefore
      assume full and exclusive responsibility for any violation of the
      aforementioned warranties.
    4. The participant hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless,
      Electrolux and any of it’s respective affiliates, employees, agents and
      suppliers from any claims, actions, liabilities and settlements arising
      in connection with the violation by a participant of any of the
      provisions of the previous articles 6.1 – 6.2.
  7. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. By submitting the contribution, the participant grants Electrolux the
      non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right to:

      1. use its name, company name, the submitted contribution and any
        images/photographs and other content contained therein (“Licensed
        Material”), for promotional and advertising purposes by, inter alia,
        publishing any part of the Licensed Material and related materials
        on any internet site and social media related to Electrolux, or on
        internet sites or social media of third parties authorized by
        Electrolux; or
      2. alter, edit, modify, change, re-format, excerpt, translate or
        summarize the Licensed Material for the purpose set out in paragraph
        7.1 i above.
    2. The participant acknowledges that Electrolux shall not be put in a less
      favourable position than if the contribution had never been presented to
      Electrolux. The extensive design and development work carried out by
      Electrolux could touch upon the same or similar ideas to those that are
      submitted as part of a contribution. Therefore, the participant
      acknowledges that the know-how and intellectual property, which is
      already within the Electrolux group of companies when the contribution
      was submitted or, which at a later stage and independently from the
      contribution will be developed by Electrolux or, which Electrolux
      otherwise benefits from, independent of the contribution, can be used
      without restrictions and that such use will not infringe the
      participant’s intellectual property rights.
  8. General Conditions
    1. Electrolux reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend including not
      selecting any winners, in whole or in part and at any time, the
      Competition, as well as any content, aspect, evaluation or selective
      criteria at its sole discretion.
    2. Electrolux reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any
      participant who:

      1. attempts to tamper with the registration process or the operation of
        the Competition;
      2. acts in violation of these Rules; or
      3. behaves inappropriately, unsportsmanlike manner and contrary to the
        interest of a peaceful and smooth running of the Competition.
    3. Electrolux shall never be liable to any participant for any damages,
      including but not limited to special, consequential, incidental, direct
      or indirect damages, including without limitation lost profits, lost
      data, lost revenues and loss of business opportunity, whether or not
      Electrolux was aware or should have been aware of the possibility of
      these damages.
    4. Under no circumstances shall the presentation of the contribution, the
      selection and award of the Competition be understood or be interpreted
      as an offer or employment contract with Electrolux.
    5. The participants are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement
      for any costs in relation to this Competition or the Award.
  9. Personal Data and Marketing Communications
    1. By submitting a contribution to the Competition, and thereby accepting
      these Rules, the participant consent to receiving marketing
      communications from Electrolux concerning its products or services.
    2. Electrolux will process any personal data of any physical person related
      to the legal entity participating in the Competition, in case such
      physical person needs to provide any personal data in order for the
      legal entity to be able to participate in the Competition, in accordance
      with Electrolux’ privacy policy available at By submitting a contribution
      to the Competition, and thereby agreeing to these Rules, the individual
      acting on behalf of the legal entity acknowledge that it has been
      informed about Electrolux’ processing of its personal data.
  10. Effectiveness
    1. The obligations contained in the Rules will become effective upon
      submission of the contribution to the Competition and will remain in
      force until the end of the Competition. The articles which by their
      nature would continue beyond the expiration of these Rules, including
      but not limited to the articles regarding Warranties and indemnities as
      well as Intellectual Property Rights, shall survive any expiration of
      these Rules.
  11. Dispute Resolution
    1. The Competition and these Rules shall be governed and construed in all
      respects in accordance with the substantive laws of Sweden without
      regard to its principles governing conflicts of laws.
    2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with
      these Rules, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be
      finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for
      Expedited Arbitrations of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm
      Chamber of Commerce. The seat of arbitration shall be Stockholm, Sweden.
      The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English