1. Who is the contest open to?
Professional kitchen designers that have used or will use AEG appliances in creating a kitchen.


2. If I am a private person with a great kitchen, can I enter the contest?
Sadly not, the contest is only open to professional kitchen designers


3. How do kitchen designers enter?
Please submit your entry on the submission page


4.  Do I have to include an AEG kitchen appliance to enter the contest?
Yes, a great kitchen should include AEG appliances.


5. How many AEG appliances do I need to include?
If you are designing from scratch, the kitchen needs to have 4 AEG appliances and entry should be posted to ‘planned kitchen’.
If you have already designed a kitchen then if it contains at least one AEG appliance you can enter the contest under ‘built’ kitchen.


6. If I win the main prize, when do I get to take the prize that includes the trip to Copenhagen?
You will have a choice of two dates – April 13th or April 27th 2019.


7. If I win the appliances can I choose what I win?
1st prize winner will keep the appliances they use in their designed kitchen.